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    Dear Kitti Wiki,

    Welcome to our very first community blog. We hope you like it, and are as excited as we are. Users may edit until the end of the week, when it will be locked. (Sun-Sat) If you want, you can let us know what you think, and e-mail us at We value your thoughts and opinions!

    Happy editing,

    Kitti Admin Society (KAS)

    Find what kittifinder suits you, and take in a furry friend.

    1. Kitti Adoption Center
    2. Kitti Breeders Association
    3. Kitti Shop
    Tips from Admins: "Be sure that when you get a cat, that you pick the right choice. Compare size, coat, personality, gender, and needs. This cat is going to be your responsibility and even friend!" IFoxx 16:48, June 17, 2012 (UTC) …

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