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Contact your local shelter today, and adopt your new best friend.

Welcome to our wiki adoption center!

Reasons why to adoptEdit

  • Shelters rescue, and prevent animal abuse
  • Most of the animals are in good condition and altered
  • Healthy animals and perfect personalities

When adopting a cat...Edit

When adopting a cat be sure to check it thoroughly.

  • Ask to pet the cat. Hold it if you can.
  • Check the eyes. They should be clear and bright, and not cloudy.
  • Check the ears. They shouldn't look infected.
  • Stroke its fur. It shoud feel tidy and well-kept. Scan for fleas and ticks, as well as dandruff.
  • The body should seem fit and well-fed.
  • The ideal cat should seem willing to play and be pet, yet relaxed and calm.

Does the cat seem to be the perfect cat? Be sure you are picking the right breed, size, personality, and coat that suits you. Remember that if you are adopting a kitten, it will grow up into a cat, so be sure you are prepared. And though a kittens' coat may seem short, it could grow long. Ask the employee about needs.

If all is well, enjoy your new best friend!