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The Abyssinian is a breed of cat recognized by the Kitti Wiki Breeders Association.


The Abyssinian is thought to have originated in Ethiopia, but genetics and ancient carvings of Egyptians and the cats suggest Egypt. The cats were tamed there, and thrived there for about 4,000 years until the breed was shipped to the United States in the early 1900s, but active breeding only began in the 1930s, were they quickly became popular companions.


Abyssinians (or "Abbys" as they are affectionately called) are highly intelligent cats, nicknamed the "Border Collie" of the cat world. They are obedient and active, and good company. They are best suitable with older children, due to their endurance and energetic temperament. They make good pets, as they are fond of people.


Abbys fashion a shorthair, distinctive ticked coat with a pale sandy pelt. They exhibit facial markings ranging in color from chocolate brown to dark black. Their ears are erect and pointed, and they have round yellow eyes ideally.


Abyssinians are fairly easy to groom. It will need an occasional bath and brushing. It can be prone to gingivitus, so it will need its teeth brushed. Renal Amyloidosis, a kidney disorder, has been seen in Abyssinians.